Mel Slade – Don’t call us WAGs anymore!

Theo Walcott’s girlfriend Mel Slade is not your normal type of WAG. She is even at University studying to be a physiotherapist and intends to build her career as a model as well if the opportunities keep arriving. She has been picked as the latest model for the Holly Hansen range.

She told The Diary that she is happy to see what the future holds with an open mind: “My goal is still to work as a physio, but in terms of what options are available, I’m happy to see what offers come my way too.

“I’ve always believed in having my own career. And anyway, the whole WAG term isn’t used that much anymore.”

Although she is now classed as a model, she says she doesn’t wear normal WAG “attire” e.g. High heels and mini-skirts!
“I’m always in comfortable stuff really. Especially being at uni, my style is very relaxed, I love my jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.”

She was then asked if she got to see Theo play much for Arsenal (Hmmm, no-one does much nowadays!). She replied: “I struggle to go to midweek games because of university, but I try to get to weekend games,”

And would she go to South Africa if he got picked for the England squad? “Hopefully he’ll be in the squad, and hopefully I’ll be out there.” she said. “I just want to support Theo, and it’s an amazing thing to go and watch World Cup football.”
Mel S Helly
We all hope he will get fit enough to make the England squad, and we hope to see more of BOTH of you in the future!

The England manager Fabio Capello says that he will not be allowing the England team to have much contact with their wives and girlfriends during the World Cup, but i’m sure we will see Mel out on the town with the rest of the WAGs, whether she wants to be called one or not!

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