Larissa Riquelme celebrates Paraguay’s win over Brazil!

Paraguay’s leading beauty has been following her team all over the world and ALWAYS promises to parade naked if the team wins a top competition. Well now she may finally have to come up with the goods!

Despite not having one shot at goal in normal or extra time, Paraguay finally beat the star-studded Brazil side 2-0 on penalties in the Copa America Quarter-Final last night, and Larissa was at the pitchside screaming her support as usual with her generous cleavage distracting everyone else!

Paraguay have now drawn all four games in the competition so far, but the biggest draw at each game has been Larissa and her hordes of copycat lovelies who have been trying hard to put off Paraguays opponents by having large portions of their breasts on show at the pitchside.

It seems to have worked so far, and if the team can actually go on and win the competition, Larissa has promised to do a naked streak through Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay.

Even if they don’t ctually win it, you can be sure you will be seeing a lot more of Paraguauy’s favourite glamour model!

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One Response to Larissa Riquelme celebrates Paraguay’s win over Brazil!

  1. Charles kalu says:

    I feel pity 4 brazil cos i wnt dem 2 win d trophy

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