Hot Danielle Lloyd collection – Sexiest WAG ever?

There have been many WAGs that have come and gone. For instance, can we still call Cheryl Cole the hottest Queen of the WAGs now that she has split up with Ashley?

But one of the hottest WAGs ever to grace the names must be Danielle Lloyd. She was one of the most serial of WAGs in her day, and she may now be safely tucked in with Jamie O’Hara (and just three months away from having a baby with him), but it doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the pics from her heyday.

She has done photoshoots with all the top men’s mags, and here i have found a fantastic collection of some of her hottest photos.

No red-blooded male (especially footballers!) could resist her sexy charms, and if she is happy for us to look at her hot body, then I am not going to resist!

Enjoy the hottest collection in town……..

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