Holiday girls – “Ashley Cole is ugly!”

Elle & Mel - Slappers?
Elle & Mel - Slappers?

I couldn’t help but reprint this story from the Sun. Ashley Cole has been snapped on holiday in Los Angeles with two sexy young beauties, and they have been all over the papers in England since meeting him, and they are NOT very happy about it!

The article said: THE two glamour girls holidaying with ASHLEY COLE have stuck the boot in – saying: “We don’t even fancy him. He’s ugly.”

Students Elle Hartley and Melissa Niak said their Los Angeles break with the love-rat defender has made them outcasts back home in the UK.

The Sheffield pair, both 20, will now stay at their Hollywood hotel until September so the dust can settle.

Cole was spotted returning to the hotel with the girls but they insist they slept in their own room and not with him.

Elle said: “This has ruined our lives. We’ve been made to look like slappers.”

Well if you hang about with a slapper like Ashley Cole, what do you expect!

***An inflatable pub! I want one!***
***My girlfriend’s boobs nearly killed me!***

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