Has Mourinho overstepped the mark with Man United WAGS?

Jose Mourinho is supposedly keeping close tabs on his players and their WAGs, even going as far as to message Manchester United’s star’s wives and girlfriends daily.
The outspoken manager is known for his hands-on approach and has come under scrutiny for his handling of people previously, and the latest claims that he even messages his players’ families daily to keep tabs on them sounds completely over the top.

The Portuguese coach has had his job questioned this season, with United dropping out to 7/2 in the online betting just to finish in the Top Four, never mind to win it. There were a number of pundits calling for him to be removed from his United position, but he has since tamed the tide over the past month or so, motivating his side to key wins over Juventus, Bournemouth and Everton. in fact, if you had been betting on them with Jose is now looking to help his side push on to compete for honours, but will his controlling antics see him fall foul of his players, and see him lose the dressing room?

I’m not being funny, but if I had the number of topless page 3 model Sam Cooke I certainly wouldn’t be able to help myself from messaging it, but I’m certain that I wouldn’t get away with it without Chris Smalling finding a problem with it… Shame on him (or me)!

It seems that Jose is currently getting away with keeping such close tabs on his players, but will it wear thin with the WAGs or his overpaid stars? Harry Harris has released a book on the so-called ‘Special One’, revealing all on his controlling behaviour as boss.

“Mourinho’s methods are based on being close and personal with the players, forging relationships,” Harris wrote in his book: “Jose Mourinho: Simply the Best”. “Former players have revealed how his constant attention sees him calling their mobiles, sending texts and wanting to know how they slept.’ As far as I know, this doesn’t include those 4AM messages of ‘are you up?’ the young people of today are accustomed with…

Harris continued: “Even the wives and girlfriends are under the same treatment, seen as part of his mission to know the ins and outs of his players.

“They too are made to feel like part of his ‘team’.”

Is Jose Mourinho’s controlling behaviour with the players WAGs and families the reason why he cannot keep a happy squad over a long period of time? Could there be more to him living in the Manchester hotel room instead of with his family?
I really wonder what the WAGs genuinely think of his messages and antics…

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