Did this England football song inspire Michelle Marsh to become a WAG

Michelle Marsh was in the music video for England football song Come on England from 2004, and coincidentally ended up becoming a WAG.

The former Page 3 model was once a regular feature in newspapers and magazines (as well as teenagers walls), but is now 33 years-old and quit the modelling industry to be a mother to her children.

She is now married to lower league footballer Will Haining, who proposed to her on Valentines Day in 2005, but she has come back into my thoughts for her music video from the year before.

I came across a website which boasts a top 12 of England’s football songs, and couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the pair from the video.


The red-head is of course Lucy Pinder, who is still modelling, but also acts in various movies of late. She is yet to be tied down, but is believed to be dating Hollywood heart-throb Chris Evans (not the ginger Top Gear presenter).

Their song does not bring the same emotion as the famous 1996 single Three Lions, but definitely ranks among those at the top of my playlist currently, while Pinder and Marsh most definitely boost the interest in their video however.

Come On England was released to coincide with the 2004 European Championships in Portugal, but it couldn’t ignite enough passion to come away with a tournament win. This year has not gone according to plan either, but are still in the tournament, and could manage to win it should they have a huge upturn in form.

Their is no official song for 2016, but the failures in recent years have given us little to cheer about.

Could England reinstall our belief in them this summer?

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