Danielle Lineker – I’m not a kept woman…

danielle_lineker_yDanielle Lineker is probably better known for being married to Match of The Day presenter Gary, or for “that dress” she wore to his 50th birthday party last year, but now the model and WAG has embarked on a career in acting as she has taken to the stage in the hit show Calendar Girls.

Danielle, 31, has joined the long running play, but is sure to disappoint many, as her shapely figure will remain under wraps.

It is her husband Gary who encouraged her to take acting lessons, which led to her landing her current role and she concedes marrying Gary has made her dream of becoming an actress come true, something she dreamed of from a very early age.

DanielleDanielle is very much her own woman and in a recent interview with The Daily Mail she said, “I’m a working class girl, and once it`s drummed into you that if you want things, you work for them, it sticks with you. I earn my own money. Yes, I live in a lovely house but that is down to Gary, but I’m not a kept woman.

She went on to add “I still provide for my daughter, I pay for her schooling myself.”

Danielle started modelling at 18 then trained as an air stewardess, for Virgin Atlantic, before she became a lingerie model for numerous brands including La Senza. She has also appeared on the cover of Maxim and Fabulous.

Danielle will be on tour with the show for three months, starring alongside the likes of Jennifer Ellison, Lynda Bellingham, Bernie Nolan and Trudi Goodwin, but `bigger buns` will not be needed, as her clothes will remain firmly on.
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