Cheryl Cole enjoys herself in LA despite rumours of divorce from Ashley

Cheryl in happier times
Cheryl in happier times

The revelations about Ashley Cole’s many indiscretions keep coming out. Is there any woman he has met that he DIDN’T have an affair with?

Well it seems that X-Factor judge Cheryl has had enough of the Chelsea defender’s antics, and spent yesterday out on the town in Los Angeles with a famous dancer, Derek Hough, and she didn’t do much to keep it a secret either.

The pappazzi followed them around all day as they first went to the cinema together (to watch “Valentines Day), and then on to an exclusive Japanese restaurant.

The latest two ladies to be reported as having affairs with Ashley were revealed in the Daily Mail:

Ann Corbitt, 28, is said to have spent the night with Cole at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle where Chelsea were staying during a U.S. tour.

Cheryl and Derek yesterday
Cheryl and Derek yesterday

A friend of the local government worker told The Sun that Corbitt met Cole in a bar, as Chelsea celebrated beating the Seattle Sounders.

And Vicki Gough, 30, a secretary at Liverpool Football Club, was yesterday revealed as the woman who Chelsea defender Cole is alleged to have slept with in late 2008.

It is claimed he sent her explicit text messages of himself in his underwear, before twice sneaking her into his hotel room for sex before away games.

She apparently confessed to the affair with Cole, 29, and claimed staff at Chelsea knew.

A “friend’ of Cheryl’s was quoted as saying that Cheryl was not romantically involved with Hough: “Derek is a friend, a good friend, but just a friend. They enjoy each other’s company.”

But it seems that Cheryl has decided that she can get her revenge on Ashley by being seen with a dashing eligible young bachelor!

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