Alex Gerrard denies “ridiculous” rumours

Never been happier?
Never been happier?

Alex (Curran), the wife of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, is aware of all the strange rumours that have been flying around the internet for the past week, and has now come out and categorically denied that there is any problems between her and her husband at all!

“There have been loads of rumours going around Liverpool saying that me and Steven have split up, that he’s moved to a hotel and ridiculous things like that,” she told OK magazine.

“I’d like to set the record straight. We have never been happier. I wouldn’t mind the rumours but we don’t even argue.”

The rumours were flying around the web as well all last week, and seemed to be a copy of a previous rumour that was started about six months ago. No-one seems to know where they originated but it has been suggested that some michievous Man Utd or Everton supporters were behind it all.

Alex - still hot!
Alex - still hot!

Just as an example of how normal their life together is, Alex added: “He always plans little dinner and if I’ve been out sometimes with the girls and I’m a little hungover he’ll get up with the children for me. He’s really thoughtful like that.”

So it would seem that Stevie is not going to be moving to Madrid or Milan next season after all!

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