Abbey Clancy worried about new “wannabe WAGs” TV show

Chloe Cummings
One of England’s best known Footballers WAGs, Abbey Clancy, is reportedly worried about the effect that the new upcoming TV show “Desperate Scousewives” will show the whole WAG culture in a bad light, especially in Liverpool where, allegedly, every young girl’s highest aspiration is to marry a footballer!

One of her biggest worries is that her cousin Chloe Cummings is going to be in the show, and the “embarrassment factor” could reflect badly on her family. But the 20 year-old Chloe is already a successful model and will be using the exposure on TV to further her own burgeoning career.

The Mirror quoted a source from “Desperate Scousewives” as saying: “The producers are going to play up to all of Liverpool’s stereotypes – and one of those is the idea that every girl wants to marry a footballer and live a WAG’s lifestyle.

Chloe on the catwalk
“They will be making out that Chloe is desperate for a footballer husband, just like Abbey.”

And a “friend” of Abbey’s was quoted as saying that she had tried to change her cousin’s mind. “Abbey fears the WAG theme will reflect badly on her and the rest of their family – as though they are only interested in hooking up with footballers.

“She’s urged Chloe to give it more thought, but the deal is done.”

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